Terms and Conditions


All orders accepted by Luxe Interior Doors are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale. By the placement of an order the customer will be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the said terms and conditions and will be bound by them notwithstanding any terms on the customer’s order. Any variation to these conditions shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by Luxe Interior Doors.

Delivery Terms

Deliveries will be made at the delivery address provided when performing the checkout process. Therefore, customers are responsible for the address provided. Luxe Interior Doors are not be liable for any mistakes related to shipments or wrong delivery of products, due to mistaken or incomplete information provided by the customer when filling in their order details.

Deliveries will be carried out by the courier from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:00. Should the customer be absent at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a note stating the delivery was attempted at the address. Should the delivery attempt fail, Luxe Interior Doors will contact you to arrange the following re-delivery.

Unless otherwise specified, Luxe Interior Doors shipping policy provides delivery to the customer at street level. The courier will be unable to deliver the doors in apartments nor provide product installation services (please see easy installation guide on product pages). All exceptions shall be negotiated before the Purchase.

Luxe Interior Doors shall not be liable for any damages to the products or for any shipment delays occurred after collection of the products by the courier.

In the rare circumstance that the customer finds visible defects, such as wrong number of packages / parts, or damage to the product, the customer should immediately advise this by emailing us at sales@luxeinteriordoors.com with a full description and photographic evidence of the fault in question within 3 working days of arrival.


Luxe Interior Doors prides itself on supplying luxury interior steel look doors to its customer base. Subject to the terms & conditions of this guarantee, Luxe Interior Doors will offer a 1-year guarantee for all interior doors displayed on the website from the date of arrival. If it is necessary to repair or replace products that are found to be defective, any such repair or replacement will not extend the duration of this guarantee, but the replacement products will be guaranteed for the remainder of the 1 year period. 

Should the customer become aware of a defect in the products that are considered to be covered by this guarantee, the customer must contact us with written particulars of such claimed defects (and in any event no later than 3 days from discovery or from when the defect reasonably ought to be discovered); and provide detailed photographic evidence to enable Luxe Interior Doors to ascertain or verify the nature and cause of the defect claimed. In respect of any replacement to a product, where an identical replacement product is unavailable, then an alternative or similar specification will be provided.

If the customer decides to make any future changes to the materials or processes that could have a negative bearing on the performance of the product, the customer shall be deemed to be doing so at their own risk, and Luxe Interior Doors shall be released and absolved from this guarantee. This guarantee shall not apply to any defect in a product that results in normal wear and tear, accidental damage, damage by misuse, or damage resulting from assembly and installation. Products being cleaned with materials other than mild detergent and water will also be voided of guarantee.